About this site, and a little about me

My name is Phil Jeske. Here in Southern California,  my wife Cynthia and I are raising two boys, fourteen and eighteen. We have a relatively normal life, full of joy, heartache, confusion, exhaustion, a million questions, constant learning, and growing. We are very blessed in that regard, and I hope to share what I have learned here with you.


I have been Christian all my life. I was raised in a strict Biblical family setting. I attended Wisconsin Synod Lutheran schools until I graduated High School. When I moved to L.A. as a twenty-year old, I managed to hold on to my beliefs for a time, but I was slowly drifting, even though I didn't realize it. Los Angeles is an extremely liberal city and it took its toll on me once I stopped going to church regularly.

Ah, church. It is so necessary and sometimes so ineffectual. I have to admit that I became bored with it. The pastors were ever so theologically correct, yet the service and the worship seemed so... dead. The message of our Savior, the glorious Gospel; what a joyous thing it is! I couldn't understand how anyone could hear it and not even be smiling. I eventually stopped going. I fell to liberalism and spiritualism and became what God dreads: a lukewarm Christian. 

In the past four years, I have been renewed! The Holy Spirit has been working on me overtime and I cannot stop talking about God. I am beginning to really see the way Christians are belittled in the media, in the temple, and the marketplace. Churches are straying from true doctrine and relativism is devouring the faithful while luring the unbelievers to an eternal death. Sound dramatic? It is!

It's time to speak up! It's time to evangelize! It's time to check ourselves against the Word of God to make sure we know what we believe. I am writing this blog with the hope of inspiring Christians to learn their faith more deeply, to learn how to defend that faith, and to find the courage to speak out to others. Hopefully, with your help, we will also draw those who are in the dark into the light of Jesus, so the Holy Spirit can do His work on them.

This couldn't be more important. It must be the focus of our lives. If you believe in hell, how little do you love those around you that you would be afraid to tell them about it?

Please read what is said here. Visit and like the facebook page Tell me what you think. Ask questions. Be respectful and loving as Christ asked us to do. Then share. Share these articles. Share the facebook posts. Share the Word of God and the Good News of our Salvation through Jesus Christ!

Yours in Christ,

Phil Jeske