You Get It When You Get It

by Philip Jeske in

retro bike.jpg

I can remember, very vividly, holding on to the handle bars of my bike, wobbling and swerving, thinking, “When I totally lose it, I’ll head for the grass”. My dad was behind me somewhere, saying “You got it. Go. Just keep going!” 

But I didn’t get it, not right away. I would fall a number of times, wondering if I would ever be able to tackle this thing, wondering if my older brothers would mock me, well into my teenage years, because I never learned how to ride a bike.

Of course I learned how. In fact, it became one my favorite things in the world. I biked everywhere. My brothers and I constructed ramps so we could make those bikes fly. We assaulted mud puddles. We rode in the snow. We had contests to see who could make the longest skid mark. Later, as a teenager, then well into my twenties, I rode and rode. I started mountain biking and, by the time I was pushing thirty, I felt as natural on two wheels as I felt on two feet.

When did I go from unbelief to confident rider? What happened?

It was the difference of one moment when, suddenly… I got it.! It made sense. All the motions, the balance, the speed, the feel of it just came to me. I didn’t get it and then I did. The funny thing is, as my dad knew, and as I would find out when I taught my younger brother and sister how to ride, that you can’t show someone how to get it. They just get it. And they don’t get it until they do.

Let me say this about being a Christian: It’s the same thing. People fight it. They will tell you it’s ignorant and delusional, illogical, fantasy. They’ll say it’s on par with unicorns and leprechauns. And then one day, one of them gets it. That’s it. They can see why they didn’t get it before, they can see why someone else doesn’t get it, and they don’t know how they suddenly get it now. That’s because, unlike riding a bike, it comes from something outside of ourselves. It comes from God. Straight up. That’s it. Faith is a gift.

Now, if you don’t get it yet, you’re reading this right now and mumbling about how ridiculous this all is. OK, fine. But hopefully, one day, you’ll be listening to a sermon, or trying to prove that God doesn’t exist, or reading just the right text, and there will be a subtle shift. This time you won’t fight it. You’ll consider it, open up to it and, after a time, you will open up to Jesus and He’ll get in there and work on you. Then, one day, you’ll stop dead in your cerebral tracks and exclaim with a combination of laughter and grateful surrender, “Oh! I GET IT!”

I pray for that day. 

I would love it if you would share the moment that you got it in the comment section below!